Assessment of CAPRA Project in Thimphu

[EN] The purpose of this mission was to assess the progress made by the different working groups involved in the CAPRA project in Thimphu (Bhutan). In the frame of the present Technical Assistance Program (TAP) the main objectives for the stakeholders are to learn on how to use and operate CAPRA software and to reinforce collaboration and ties between them. We met the three working groups (exposure, vulnerability, hazard) and we discussed the various issues they are faced with while using CAPRA software and compiling the required data. We worked with them to overcome some of these technical issues and to coordinate with the ERN team (Mexico). We also assessed the state of geoportal projects in Bhutan and possible ways to introduce GeoNode in the country.


Bertrand Lefebvre, Assessment of CAPRA Project in Thimphu, World Bank, 2013, 11 p.